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Start your business off on the right foot, with a no-BS coach that'll guide you on your path to $100k+

Discover my proven strategy for building 6-figure businesses, and tailor that strategy to your own personality and goals – with support from myself, and like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey.

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150+ Happy Clients ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

David Fryman, Attorney

David Fryman, Attorney

"Every metric in my business is up, I have more confidence, and I’m a better leader. If you need help starting or scaling a business, you’ve found what you were looking for."

Lauren Lefkowitz, Coach

Lauren Lefkowitz, Coach

“Right away, Katie taught me how to structure my program and fees. In less than three months, I had my first couple of clients in my new structure."

1 out of 5 businesses fail in the first 12 months, with many more merely limping into the 13th.

If you’ve gotten past the initial excitement of designing your logo, choosing your color schemes and building your website, you might have realised that entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be.

You’ve already decided that employment isn’t for you. Either you’ve started a side hustle to dip your toe in the water, or you’ve cannonballed into building your business full-time.

The problem is…

Starting a business is as risky as it is exciting. Around 20% of businesses fail within the first year – with that statistic rising to 30% by the end of the second year.

Bear in mind, much of the other 70-80% are run by owners who have been successful in business before. As a newbie entrepreneur, this places you at a massive disadvantage.

Many new business owners fall victim to their own naivety. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know – and in the world of entrepreneurship, what you don’t know has the potential to destroy your business.

That’s why it’s crucial that you seek guidance from someone that’s been there, done it and got the weenie costume to prove it.

In doing so, you can avoid making these costly mistakes and instead, build a thriving business that helps you to live a fulfilling life.

Social media is flooded with conflicting advice from various business gurus, like Marie Forleo and Ramit Sethi.

All of them telling you what to do to create one specific type of business. A business that is unlikely to fit your personality, work style and the type of business you want to grow.

(Psst… Side note, their videos are long AF and not at all helpful for someone with ADHD. I could barely get past their second lesson!)

I don’t do one-size-fits-all approaches.

Instead, you’re going to learn foundational skills and tactics that you customize to your own personality, and your goals.

You will wake up every morning knowing exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it and how to do it best.

You’ve spent many hours perfecting your service, but what good is that when you’ve got nobody to serve?

That’s the situation that many new business owners find themselves in, and even some experienced ones too.

Mostly down to the fear of rejection or sounding too salesy, or not knowing what it actually takes to get a sale – in other words, why people buy things.

The frustration intensifies with each missed opportunity. As the days go by, you may see others with lesser skills but better sales strategies get ahead, while your high-quality offerings remain unnoticed. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

Worry not though. In this program, I’m going to share with you the same sales strategy I’ve used to generate a multi-six-figure business, as well as smash sales records at the likes of Cisco and Tesla – sales records that still hold to this day!


Most marketing strategies require time and consistency, regardless of whether those strategies are right or wrong for you.

That places you in the uncomfortable position of not knowing whether you should be patient or quit and try something else.

Take the patient approach and you might waste weeks, months or even years of your life on an approach that is never going to come to fruition.

Give up now and you might have quit right before things were going to turn around and come good.

It’s a tough decision, and it’s not one you should make on your own. With my help as a business strategist and coach, I’ll make sure that you’re on the right path – and that you don’t veer off course!

If you're not careful, your business will never be more than a subsidized hobby.

Honestly, it sucks seeing people less qualified than you thriving online, especially when they make it look so easy.

Meanwhile you’re working your butt off, and having to lie to your loved ones every time they ask you how the business is going.

It has you wondering… “what am I doing wrong?”

That’s where I come in, to show you exactly where you’re going wrong – as well as what you need to do to flip that script.

But don’t worry, I’m not just gonna tell you what you to do.

I’ll get you to think things through and guide you to the best possible solution that YOU come up with.

With my group coaching program and course…

BYOB: A Helping Hand To Pull You Out Of The 9-5 For Good.

I’ve developed an incredible community and course with you in mind, so you can Build Your Own Business without making the same mistake I did – hurtling into self-employment blind, and isolated.

Across a 6-month membership, you’ll get:

Group Coaching

1 live group coaching call a fortnight. That’s your chance to ask ANY and ALL questions to someone who has walked the walk – and learn from other entrepreneurs who are a step ahead of you!

Key Benefits:

  • Receive Expert Guidance
  • Added Motivation & Accountability
  • Have Burning Questions Answered


A 24/7 private community at your fingertips, to protect you from loneliness. Other business builders will understand your every struggle, where your family & friends can’t.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Loneliness & Stress
  • Grow With Like-Minded People
  • Connect With Potential Clients

Online Course

5 simple steps to build your business – a course designed to save you from the stress of common self-employment screw-ups. You can access it anywhere, anytime.

Key Benefits:

  • Design a clear & compelling offer
  • Attract dream, high-paying clients
  • Sell more without sounding ‘salesy’

Now, I suppose your next question will be…

What’s actually in the course?

Access a library of training videos training you step-by-step to…

Module 1

Discover Your Niche

Module 2

Design A
Compelling Offer

Module 3

Have Your Ideal Clients Come To You, With Empathetic Marketing

Module 4

Convert More Sales, With Holistic Selling

aka, the anti-pitch sales call!

Module 5

Confidently Charge More, With An Improved Money Mindset

150+ happy clients have built their own business and…

I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see what you can achieve!

“Katie helped me land my first $5K+ monthly contract within six months!”

- Jackie O'Rourke, Boarding School Consultant.

I’m Katie McManus, your new business coach and soon-to-be favourite person. I may be a multi-six-figure business owner now but in 2018, I was in your shoes. Starting my own side hustle.

I didn’t have an MBA in business. I didn’t have a plan. All I had was 10 years of sales experience, a philosophy degree, and $50,000 of debt.

So I fell into the trap most entrepreneurs do. I invested heavily into online courses, fully believing they’d set me up for world domination – when all they’d deliver was a bunch of useless circle-jerk tactics.

As the ‘advice’ I’d bought from gurus didn’t return a cent, I became deflated. I’d outperformed sales targets by 254% when I was employed. I’d smashed lead gen records for Equinox, Cisco, and Tesla. So why was I sucking so hard at selling myself?

In the end, it took ignoring the terrible online courses I’d taken to quit my 9-5 in 2019. I had to head back to my roots as a sales rep – the lessons I’d learned knocking on doors, arranging appointments face-to-face in Home Depot. Talking to people.

To reach six-figures…
I built my own business on direct sales experience.
I built my own business around my personality.
I built my own business using my strengths.

And now I’ve created a program without the circle-jerking so you can do the same.

Gain 7+ years of business-building knowledge, in just 6 months.

Claim your spot in my Build Your Own Business program and receive:

  • 12 Group Strategy Sessions with Katie
    Valued at $XXX
    I'm hosting 2 group coaching calls every month, for the next 6 months, and you're invited! As a group, you can ask me anything and everything about branding, sales, marketing, niching down, money mindset and more.
  • BYOB Online Course
    Valued at $XXX
    Access 5 ADHD-friendly modules showing you how to: pick a profitable niche, sell without using sleazy tactics, show up online as a thought leader, and improve your money mindset so you can charge more - and feel good about it!
  • Monday 'Sprint' Sessions
    Valued at $XXX
    Start your week off with a bang, as we come together as a group to reflect on the previous week, and plan ahead for the next 7 days. You'll have clear direction on what you need to do each morning, and the shame-free accountability to get it done - without fail.
  • Private Community of Business Owners
    Valued at $XXX
    Join Katie and like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Mighty Networks community. This is a safe space where you can ask questions, seek advice, connect with potential clients, and share your latest wins.

"Katie will equip you with SO MUCH support as a coach and as a business strategist. She is no-nonsense and also super supportive and fun to work with. She is an iron fist in a velvet glove."

- Happy Client

Build Your Own Business With
Proven Strategies Worth $XX,XXX+

For only 6 monthly instalments of...
$ 496
  • Unlock 5 modules spilling my best business-building secrets to:
  • Discover your niche, design a compelling offer and sign high-paying clients with your new and improved money mindset
  • Have eager buyers come to you, and practically beg you to take them on as clients - at whatever the cost!
  • Be supported by Katie & like-minded entrepreneurs on...
  • 12 group coaching sessions, Monday 'Sprint' calls & our private Mighty Networks community. Plan your week, ask questions, seek advice, and share your wins - because there will be plenty!

Before you join the program, know that...

I do not offer guarantees. Oh, and the contents within the program – that’ll all be removed after 6 months.

Why? Because I want to work with hungry new business owners that are ready to take action – now!

No more “tomorrow” talk. In 6 months’ time I want you to have a thriving business that has either hit $100k in sales or is well on its way to doing so.

For that to be a reality, you must dedicate 10+ hours into your business every week. If you don’t have the time or energy for that then sadly, my BYOB program isn’t for you.

If you’re a newbie entrepreneur determined to make this business work, and finally live life on your terms – join BYOB today to make that happen in just 6 months!

Still got questions?

Unsure if BYOB is right for you? Here are some questions I often get asked about the program:

1) This program is designed to help anyone building a service-based business, including:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Legal
  • Online marketing, etc.

To grow from making zero dollars with zero clients, to building a multiple-six-figure business. This program is right for you IF you recognise that that’s going to take work.

Usually, by the time my clients come to this program, they’ve dropped out of/been disappointed by other business “training” that made a lot of promises that left a ton of guesswork.

You will be the most successful here if you truly believe you can build this business, but just don’t know how, and are willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone to do that.

2) There’s a lot of conflicting advice from different business gurus, like Marie Forleo and Ramit Sethi, telling you what to do to create one specific type of business – a business that is unlikely to fit your personality, work style and the type of business you want to grow.

Also, their videos are long AF and not helpful for someone with ADHD. I could barely get past their second lesson.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You’re going to learn foundational skills and tactics, but in the group sessions, I’m going to help you customize them to your personality and your goals.

I’m not just teaching you what you need to do in a high-level manner, I’m teaching you exactly step-by-step how to do it. I’m not leaving you with any guesswork. What you’ll be focusing on in the first 6 months, will be foundational to your long-term success. You will wake up every morning knowing exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it and how to do it best.

And unlike those other programs, you’re going to have a buttload of accountability calls with Katie and other members of the program. In addition to the 2 monthly coaching calls, you’ll get access to Katie’s Monday planning sessions, Friday accountability sessions and monthly co-working calls.

When you sign up to BYOB, you get…

  • 1x Group coaching session every fortnight, with Katie and fellow new business owners.
  • BYOB Course with 5 ADHD-friendly modules showing you how to pick your niche, design a compelling offer, attract ideal clients, close more sales calls and charge more money – with confidence.
  • Monday ‘Sprint’ Calls to reflect on the previous week, identify any areas of improvement and plan for the week ahead – and boss it!
  • Private group community where you can This is a safe space to ask questions, seek advice, socialise, share wins and more. Katie will share her expert advice in the group each Friday.

The foundations taught in BYOB are absolutely ESSENTIAL for getting clients.

These foundations will always apply regardless of the hottest new marketing “strategy” that internet gurus try to teach.

It’s basically impossible to write blog posts, run any ads, or create effective social media content without these core foundations in place.

Right now, you’re spinning your wheels putting out vague, “vanilla” content that gets a few likes because you’re missing these foundations.

You haven’t done the work (yet) to make sure your niche, message, and offer gets your audience excited.

Maybe you’re thinking you have done all that.

But there’s doing it… Then there’s doing it the BYOB way.

After BYOB? You’ll know exactly how to speak to your niche so they STOP, CLICK, and then BUY!


Many students make their money back WHILE they’re still in the program. Of course, results do vary, and depending on your specific situation, time you’ve spent actually doing the work, how committed you are to taking action, getting past the mindsets that are holding you back, etc.

Many students go on to make 6-figures and MORE in their business using what they learned during the program. Those kinds of results take time, but BYOB will absolutely give you the proper foundation for a 6-figure business.

A minimum of 8 hours a week. You can do this with a full-time job- many of my clients have done just that, but how much time you put in to start, will determine how quickly you start getting clients. This is only for those who are serious about starting their business NOW- not ‘someday’…

BYOB won’t be the best option for you.

Those who are most successful come in knowing the type of service or business that they want to do, and sometimes they also have an idea of the niche they want to focus on- but not always.

I recommend spending some time figuring out what you want to do, and when you’re clear, come back to this.

I’m not the kind of person who is going to try and sell you something if it isn’t right for you.


All calls are recorded and uploaded to the portal- so you’ll be able to watch after. If you know you’re going to miss and have a dying question, you can always submit it beforehand, and I’ll answer it during the session.

You also have access to me between calls through our group portal.

That said- you get out what you put in, I recommend blocking off the time of the calls so you don’t miss them.


I’ve bought more courses with lifetime access than I count, and I can tell you from personal experience that the fact that I have lifetime access means that I’m never gonna f***ing do them.

The point of this program is to light a fire under your butt and get you working on your business today, and not some day in the future.

I’m especially talking to my fellow-ADHDers who thrive under deadlines, this 6-month deadline will be a massive motivator for you.

That said, this 6-month program is an introduction to the advanced year-long incubator. Once you complete this 6-month program, you’ll be able to apply to join BYOB Advanced, where I teach more advanced strategies to get more high-paying clients, scale to 6 figures and beyond.

Once you’re in the advanced program, you’ll still have access to everything in this ‘beginner’ program.


To entice my students to be proactive and actually get results from this program, you’ll no longer have access to its contents after 6 months. However, you will have the option to move up to my next program, BYOB Advanced – which includes all of the content that you get in this program, BYOB Beginner.

There is no guarantee and all sales are final. I want everyone that signs up to be 100% committed to this program, and to getting results. If you’re in, you’re in.